About Us

Please allow me to introduce myself....

Hello! I'm Alessia, owner of Zenzero Clothing. I would say let's keep this brief but anyone who has met me knows that's an impossibility so maybe I should just start from the beginning and hope for the best.

After one too many years of working in fashion retail, I found myself disillusioned by the evident and widespread poor practices being perpetrated by the industry. I gained a HND in Clothing Technology and after leaving education continued creating clothing out of love rather than ambition. Eventually, my wardrobe filled up with self made pieces as I found it increasingly hard to justify buying from High Street brands, not only on an ethical level, but also because as a consumer I was bored. I felt I was constantly looking for styles that didn't exist and every store seemed to hold the same monotonous, faddy designs. This led to something of an epiphany; if I feel like this then other people probably do too, right? So I decided that if I couldn't find a brand I felt good about shopping with then I'd make one and establish it with 3 key principles at it's core that I look for myself as a consumer: Ethics, Sustainability and Uniqueness.

Ethical creation is the most important component of my brand; when you buy one of my pieces you are guaranteed that no garment workers have been exploited in any part of construction as all Zenzero items are designed and created by myself in my little home studio in Glasgow, Scotland.  You can also rest assured that all materials used come from Fair Trade suppliers. As a seamstress, having a working knowledge on how much skill goes into making a an item has instilled in me how important it is that all garment workers should be paid fairly for their labour.

Sustainable materials lie at the heart of all Zenzero items. Not only do I exclusively use naturally sustainable materials such as Linen, Tencel and Organic Cotton in my designs, I also incorporate several sustainable production methods to minimise wasteage. Zenzero garments are created on a 'made to order' basis which allows me to produce the least amount of garments possible and hold virtually no deadstock. We also repurpose remnant material left over from production into our accessory line so that practically none of the material I use goes to waste. If you're a detail orientated kind of person, you can find out more on Zenzero's green credentials by visiting the 'Sustainable Practices' page.

Uniqueness isn't a term you can readily associate with fast fashion and this is why I wanted to incorporate a Bespoke Sizing service. Bespoke is essentially a tailoring service which allows you to completely personalise the fit of your garment. It feels quite alien in this day in age but the concept is simple; supply me with your measurements and I'll make sure your item to fit you precisely. Not only does making personalised items benefit sustainabilty but this allows me to directly put right one fast fashion injustice: SIZING! We've all encountered how clueless, exclusionary and down right maddening High Street sizing can be. Sure, encountering poorly sized clothing is annoying on a very basic level but if you dig a little deeper it's clear that encountering unrealistic, poorly sized garments can also have genuinely detrimental effect on mental health. Clothing is way of projecting your personality out the world and discovering all of fashion's possibilities should be an uplifting, joyous experience not an anxiety inducing source of negativity. There are enough external influences forcing people to strive to unattainable physical ideals and I'm determined that my brand won't be one of themSo here is my personal promise to you: no matter what shape or size you are, if you want one of my pieces you can have it and I will make sure that it fits you perfectly! 

I hope you love Zenzero Clothing as much as I love creating it and if you have any further questions about how we do things please feel free to get in touch!

With love,


Zenzero Clothing