About Zenzero

Please allow me to introduce myself....

Hello! I'm Alessia, owner of Zenzero Clothing. After one too many years of working in High Street retail I found myself disillusioned by the practices of fast fashion. My wardrobe started filling with self made pieces as I found it harder to justify buying into unsustainable brands, not only on an ethical level, but as a consumer I was bored. The sartorial choice available seemed repetitive and lacklustre. I was constantly looking for styles that didn't exist and every store seemed to hold the same monotonous, faddy designs. This led to something of an epiphany; if I feel like this then other people probably do too, therefore was space for something a little different in the retail market that I had the skill set to fill. So I decided to establish my own label with 3 key tenets at it's core: Ethics, Sustainability and Uniqueness.

Ethical creation is the most important component of my brand; when you buy one of my pieces you are guaranteed no garment workers have been exploited in any part of my construction process as all Zenzero items are designed and created in their entirety by myself in my home studio based in Glasgow, Scotland and all materials used are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers. I have a HND in Fashion Technology, I know how much skill goes into making a garment and strongly believe all garment workers should be paid fairly for their work as a point of principle.

Sustainable fabric is at the heart of all Zenzero items. Not only doing I use naturally sustainable materials such as Linen, Tencel and Organic Cotton in my designs, I also incorporate sustainable production methods to maximise my zero waste efforts. Zenzero garments are created on a 'made to order' basis which allows me to produce the least amount of garments possible and hold virtually no deadstock. I also make repurposed items using the remnants of material left over from production so that as little fabric as possible is wasted or thrown out due to the construction process. 

Uniqueness isn't a term you can readily associate with fast fashion and this is where the Bespoke Sizing service comes in. Bespoke is essentially a tailoring service which allows you to completely personalise the fit of your garment. For a small premium (the labour cost of editing the specifictations of the garment) you supply me with your measurements and I'll customise your item to fit you precisely. Not only does making personalised items benefit sustainabilty but this allows me to rectify a pet peeve of High Street retail: SIZING! I mean, we've all been there: you find an item you love, try it on and it fits like a sack of spuds despite it being 'your size'. Spoiler alert! That's because there's no such thing as a standard size. No two people are the same and not only is this experience infuriating, it's also genuinely detrimental to your mental health.  Fashion is a way to project your personality out into the world, it should be an uplifting, joyful experience not an anxiety inducing source of negativity. There are enough external influences forcing women to strive for unattainable ideals and my brand won't be one of themSo here is my personal promise to you: no matter what shape or size you are, if you want one of my pieces you can have it and I will make sure it fits perfectly! 

I hope you love the collection as much as I loved creating it and if you have any further questions please check out the FAQ page or get in touch directly.

With love,


Zenzero Clothing