About Us

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Hello! I'm Alessia, founder of Zenzero Clothing. I would say let's keep this brief, but anyone who has met me knows that's an impossibility, so maybe I should just start from the beginning and hope for the best.

After gaining a degree in Clothing Technology & Manufacture, I found myself working in fashion retail whilst making a select range of bespoke commission items. The longer I worked within the industry, the more obvious the widespread poor practices being used by brands to produce clothing became and I found it increasingly hard to morally justify buying clothing. Even the most promising 'sustainable' brands didn't meet my standards and so my wardrobe began to fill with self-made pieces, which lead to something of an epiphany; If I can't find a fully sustainable, ethical clothing brand that I can feel good about shopping with then maybe I should start one...

Sustainability lies at the heart of all Zenzero items. I use exclusively natural biodegradable materials such as Linen, Tencel and Organic cotton and I also incorporate a variety of sustainable production methods to ensure that the making of our products is in line with this ethos. This includes making garments on a made to order basis to limit the amount of unecessary items we create and re-purposing remnant material to create circular production, minimising scrap wasteage. For transparency, you can find the full details of the materials and techniques we utilise by visiting our 'Sustainable Practices' page.

Ethics are at the forefront of everything I do and I believe that without meeting ethical standards, no product can be truly sustainable which is why when you purchase from Zenzero you are guaranteed that no garment workers have been exploited at any stage of construction as all items are made by myself in Glasgow, Scotland, with no outsourcuing of construction. This promise also extends to the workers involved in the creation of the materials I work with as I exclusively purchase from Fair Trade suppliers. As a seamstress who has working knowledge of how much skill goes into making garments, it is my firmly held belief that all garment workers should be paid fairly for their labour with no exceptions.

It's also important to me that Zenzero is size inclusive and body diverse which is why we offer our Bespoke service, which allows you to completely personalise the fit of your garment to meet your needs. This method can feel quite alien in the age of fast fashion but the concept is simple; we use your specific measurements to tailor make your garment, guaranteeing the perfect fit. Clothing should project your personality to the world and be an uplifting, joyous experience not an anxiety inducing source of negativity, as is often the way when buying from High Street brands. In my opion, there are enough external influences causing us to strive for unattainable physical ideals and I'm determined that my brand won't be one of them! So here is my personal promise to you: regardless of size or shape, if you want one of my pieces, you can have it.

I hope you love Zenzero Clothing as much as I love creating it!


Zenzero Clothing